How To Get Film Investors

How to get investors and a few links you might need to get them.

Remember this is a Business
  1. You can have the best short film ever, but if you don’t got your numbers right, you’ll be wasting your time trying to find an investor. What I mean about numbers, FANS! If you’re asking for $100,000 and you got 100 fans, I’m almost sure you want get an investment. If you don’t have that many fans, start working on that first. It takes time getting your fan list up, but it’s worth it. If you got enough fans most likely you want need an investor. That’s why it’s important to have real fans. What I mean by real fans; for the people, who buy subscribers and followers, them are not real fans and you can’t make any money from that. Most important have a business plan together.

Pitching to the right investor
  1. If the investor like comedy movies and you’re trying to pitch a horror movie. It would be a little harder to get in their pockets, not saying it’s impossible, but try to know what your investor likes before asking for money. In the beginning most of your investors will be your fans, so get to know them.

  1. Make sure your product is the best you can make it. Always remember you are fighting so many other film companies for investments. You have to believe that the world is after that one investor, so put your best foot forward.

Music :)
  1. Whenever you’re sending that great quality film to them, you will need great music to go along with that perfect vision. You can download free music on Gwscore and all we ask for is credit or you can just copy and past this url Royalty free music at in your site or video and tell people how you interact with the site. Thanks for reading. 
Here go a couple of investor sites.

First site: Kickstarter, if you never did kickstarted. Before you post look at some of the projects that are getting investors, because a lot of film directors think you are just going to post and get investors. NO! It don't happen that way. Everything will go back to rule number 1 (HAVING FANS!) They will be your big supporters in the beginning.

Second site: New York Investment Network, To even do business with this company. You got to have your business plan together and once you register they will pitch your work to investors for your project.

Third site: The Movie Fund, I really don't know to much about this company, but one thing I notice they look for. QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY!

I hope this help and if you have any other companies you know of, please don't hesitate to post them or just give a feedback. 

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