How to become a Music Composer

How to become a Music Composer

Most music composers would say that they have the coolest job in the world. Most music aficionados will agree with their view about the profession of music composition as it is not only a highly satisfying one but also a generously paying one. Besides, it also makes them famous. This is a job where you are surrounded by music all the time and hence the number one prerequisite to become a successful music composer is to be immensely in love with music. You cannot limit yourself to a couple of genres only; your love for music has to extend beyond the musical boundaries of categories as variety is the essence of this profession. The main job of a music composer is to create and write music. They are expected to possess outstanding knowledge in music. However, unlike many other glamorous jobs in the world, this can never be a hereditary profession as a music composer has to do his own job of creating something unheard of; something that will touch people’s lives and make their musical piece a hug hit worldwide.

Educate yourself and be open to different tunes

Since a music composer always has to be on the lookout for interesting, catchy sounding musical pieces that will make for a good mix, he or she has to keep their ears open to what is going around them. You can take inspiration from the most normal sounds such as a mixer grinder, a sparrow’s call or a window blinker crashing against the glass pane. Every sound can be mixed with millions of different tunes that can result in a fabulous, never-heard-before musical piece. Another important aspect that wannabe music composers ought to keep in mind is partaking basic education about the skill of composing music. Knowing how to play different instruments and honing their singing skills is a must. Many colleges and universities offer degrees like a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition, a Bachelor of Music in Music Composition, a Bachelor of Science in Music Composition, etc. For the more serious ones who can afford it, there are also well known music schools and colleges such as the Julliard School, Berklee College of music, Harvard University and Yale University, among many others.

Create a demo CD of your work

Anything that is well paying and satisfying cannot be all that easy and the same goes with music composing. One should be well aware of the various music composing software available online for downloading and buying so that they can start off their practice as soon as they decide to become a music composer.  Create a demo CD of your compositions and also make your music available by preferably creating a website of your own and putting up samples of your musical pieces. Prospective clients can gauge your potential from your web portal and thereby jobs can start flowing in. CDs are the standard for audio demos so make sure you don’t send cassettes, DATs, CD-ROMs or any other proprietary format that may be difficult for clients to operate with.

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