How to Make a Bunch of Money Making Drake Type Beats 

Get Paid for Your Beats

If you're here to learn how to make drake type beats and make money doing it, you came to the right place. If you're just looking to lease Toronto sounding beats, please click here.

So I’ll assume that you already have some beats of your own stored up there in your lovely brain or cold, cold hard disk. This article is for you who want to take the next step. To get your beats out there making money for you. And if making money is your game, Drake is your name. Drake-like beats currently…Read more

5 Best Recording Studios in Greensboro, NC 

Here is the definitive list of Greensboro Recording Studios. These studios are among the area's top recording studios that offer audio and recording time.
1. GW Score Recording studio
This is one of the best studios in the Greensboro area. It's not that many studios in the area that cater to Over Dubs for film (ADR) this studio specializes in that field as well as the music industry. Very professional studio and great staff to work with, when it comes to dealing with this studio, they really enhance your…Read more

How to setup a studio 

Check out video to see what you need to build a cheap home build studio.

Royalty Free music  

Royalty Free Music is something of a misnomer and is quite confusing for several folks those who are looking for less expensive music for their production.  What royalty free music actually means in the general sense of the term is that the music could be used freely without the buyer having to pay more royalties suppose they have to use it more than once they only have to pay a single fee.  It does not anyhow mean the music is completely free.
This is a mild generalization because all libraries had…Read more

How To Get Film Investors  

How to get investors and a few links you might need to get them.

Remember this is a Business
  1. You can have the best short film ever, but if you don’t got your numbers right, you’ll be wasting your time trying to find an investor. What I mean about numbers, FANS! If you’re asking for $100,000 and you got 100 fans, I’m almost sure you want get an investment. If you don’t have that many fans, start working on that first. It takes time getting your fan list up, but it’s worth it. If you got enough fans most…
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How to become a Music Composer 

How to become a Music Composer

Most music composers would say that they have the coolest job in the world. Most music aficionados will agree with their view about the profession of music composition as it is not only a highly satisfying one but also a generously paying one. Besides, it also makes them famous. This is a job where you are surrounded by music all the time and hence the number one prerequisite to become a successful music composer is to be immensely in love with music. You cannot limit yourself…Read more

Free Action Music 

Music fits in everywhere

Music is a powerful element that has the ability to change moods in a jiffy. Almost everyone listens to some or the other kind
of music, be it their folk music played with instruments or the latest rock album which calms their frazzled nerves. It is a universal fact that music does a whole lot of good to human existence and has been around since prehistoric times. Imagine a movie, video or serial without any music whatsoever, only containing dialogues; how boring would that be? When…Read more

How to make a Great Demo Reel 

TRY TO KEEP IT QUICK In the event that you ask 10 publishers how long a demo reel must be you'll get 10 different viewpoints ... but there's one sentiment that's pretty consistent, KEEP IT SHORT. A demo reel should highlight YOUR BEST work, and thus should possibly not be a sampling of everything you've ever done. My personal opinion is 60 to 90 seconds for most cases, and I can think of few reasons why you 'd ever have a reel over 2 minutes. One of the main tasks of a video editor is to be able to tell a… Read more